Food Pantry Future:

How Students Have Mobilized to Address Food Access Concerns for the Tufts Community When Tufts students received the email announcing that classes would be online for the remainder of the semester, the community was thrown into a sea of unknowns. For some students, the announcement brought difficult questions like “Where will I live?” or “How


In the summer,  there’s a specific intersection on Boston Ave  that is dense with familiar colors.  Groceries cradled in both arms, I pretend that the paths are lined with jungle. This corner is so never-ending in its summer-ness that it just about looks like home. Now, here, I am always somewhere else.  The cold climbs

Second Coming

It starts with mist rising from the stamped down dust the bare earth sings in cracks and dried up creek beds; sun bleaching the last life out of their massive stones I love the way you say “cor — por — re — uhl”  when our bodies take shape, it’s between the Hardee’s and the

Living in the Shadow of Development: the Joyce Cummings Center’s Impact on the Medford Community

The Tufts Observer makes the following clarifications: The Observer did not claim that the Joyce Cummings Center began construction without permits, rather that the permits approved by the building commissioner were not appropriate for the new plans being used for. The neighbors’ petition was based on the inappropriate approval of the old permits for the

We’re Self-Centered: Coronavirus and Conceiving Asian America

Author’s Note: Asian America is not a monolith. In this article, I speak from my experiences as an Asian American and my conversations with others around me. When I write “Asian American” in this piece, I am focusing on Asian Americans who are, visually or otherwise, coded as Chinese Americans. *** My mom was born

One year since Tier Town: How Tufts student-activists silence survivors

Content warning: sexual violence, victim-blaming language Note: This is a follow-up to a Tufts Daily op-ed published in December 2019, which can be read at I’ve written before about my experiences with sexual violence in Tufts student-activism, focusing on how I was raped in Tier Town. But activists have done more harm than just

Coming Together Amidst COVID-19: The Tufts Community Response

Despite the uncertainty and stress this pandemic has caused, communities around the world have been brought together in proactive and creative efforts to help fill in the gaps caused by the pandemic. The Tufts community is no exception. In what President Monaco describes as a “Dunkirk moment,” Tufts students, staff, and the administration are working