Poetry & Prose


周 – shū – circumference

音 – oto – sound

周音 – amane – global sound 

ママちゃま – mamachama – my cute mom that I respect

my cute mom that I respect gifted me with this name in between

infinite nets draping the circumference 

that connects and disconnects where

uprooting is just as grounding as my dad planting a sakura tree

global sound is a lot to live up to 

must I know my cute mom that I respect’s tongue

perapera pouring from my face that doesn’t 

always look the part?

I would have a lot of studying to do

sound is hard like silence is

binding but I must have global sound 

or why else have I been given this name?

I used to find it fitting when I played the violin 

my golden dog would howl to my strings 

filling the air with sounds permeating through drywall

I felt like we could fly across these waters and skies

touching everyone alive and wherever the rest may be

I don’t play the violin anymore, sorry

my cute mom that I respect, please forgive me

I make sound in braver ways—with my voice, my pen, my brush

I promise it’s just as powerful, if not more, because 

it has to be ne

global sound sounds scary 

am I scary? 

people have told me I’m scary 

for my eyes are too narrow to be kind 

but my cute mom that I respect gifted me with these too

and how could a cute mom give me scary eyes?

global sound is tricky because what if I want to gatekeep

lock my doors and have passwords that only I know

and sometimes forget 

what if I’m mad that I gave you 周音

and all of its meaning

I gave you these translations because is that my duty as amane?

or should I go back and erase the romanji?

maybe you shouldn’t know but 

isn’t it pretty cool?

What if I want to use these tongues like trading cards

striking an opponent I choose which one

bam! bam! bam! bet you didn’t see that coming

or ジロジロ my scary eyes are locked

how does it feel when Ms. Global Sound 

doesn’t tell you everything she’s saying?

not so global anymore

strip her of her damn title.