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Month: February 2010


Banks Audit the “Well-Endowed”

The IRS is now auditing private unitersities! In the wake of the economic crisis,  people have been keeping a close eye on their pocketbooks. Corporate giants have crumbled, and millions of jobs have vanished. Thrifty has become the new name brand, and no couch cushion has been left unturned in the search for loose change. The Internal Revenue Service is now concerned with how tax-exempt schools are using their money and are taking a closer look at private universities’ finances for the first time.


Psychobabble: Erectile Dysfunction and Sunk Costs

My name is Sophia Boudoir, and in the series Psychobabble, I’ll be writing about sex and attraction from an academic perspective. People usually think of sexual attraction as a complicated, irrational matter that doesn’t follow any rules.  But by examining the ridiculous situations that my friends and I all-too-often find ourselves in, I will show how economic and psychological theory can be used to explain and understand even the messiest and most passionate infatuations, hookups, relationships, and breakups.


On Your Newsfeed: Fletcher Student Brings Interactive Relief to Campus

The energy in the labyrinthine halls of the Fletcher School basement pulses like a heartbeat within the glow of institutional lighting. Workers pace from one room to another, dodging the computer boxes and the half-eaten dinners strewn about. This is the nerve center of the Ushahidi Haiti relief effort, where seemingly random information from the disaster zone is translated into something that aid workers can use on the ground.


Google versus the Great Wall of Censorship

Imagine not knowing something. Simple, you think, I’ll google it. For Chinese citizens, this is not as easy as it sounds. What happens when a search engine limits the extent of its searches? What happens if you can’t google? This question might become a harsh reality, as Google has recently threatened to leave China altogether after the Chinese government enforced strict censorship policies and breached privacy agreements between the company and its clients.

Poetry & Prose


Maybe, he thought, as he ate the cooling, halved wedding bands, his life’s slow disintegration had its origin in things more cosmic, more universal and less trivial than his own inconsequential actions. Maybe all things expand, he considered, putting his fork down and sipping the milk, leaving yellow lip stains on the glass. Everything expands along with the universe, including her, including me.

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