Poetry & Prose


Foam-lipped bivalves weave byssus threads
        Like calloused hands oysters deposit
                Decked in velvet coolness,
                    Tongue curls back to robe the mouth

            Squeezing from shrouded sands
                Sickle bending, enameled eddying
                    Nocturnal plains of diamond diligence roll

        In bruised crooks the sound of metal surged softly backward
    Cold water rushes in
        Ligaments flicker,    shiver
        Tendons tense,         snap
                            Friction-lanced skin, thrown wide

                        Steel unsaddled
                    Now light and marrow
                Eyes sink back into empty jam jar sockets
                Repose in limpid liquefaction
                    Lapping waves lull

                Tempest terminus
        Through the running tide and distant deeps
            Silver fish spring in serried ranks
                Resist the billows and the sky