Letter from the Editor

When a certain man who shall not be named—I’m not trying to get into a legal battle—threatened to sue the Tufts Daily, many of us, myself included, thought: Oh my god, it’s just a student newspaper, this is ridiculous. And the lawsuit is ridiculous—it’s ungrounded and will not stand trial. But there is something in

Anthony Scaramucci Speaks to the Observer About Why He is Threatening to Sue a Student Newspaper

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (A’86) threatened the Tufts Daily and Fletcher student, Camilo Caballero, with legal action over op-eds Caballero published in the school paper. Caballero’s op-eds built off a petition started by Fletcher student Carter Banker, which called for Scaramucci’s removal from the Board of Advisors of the Fletcher School of

Abolish Fraternities

CW: extreme sexual, physical, and gendered violence, explicit sexual content A previous version of this article named Tufts University Fraternities where incidents of bias and assault took place. In order to protect the identities of our sources—whom we don’t want to identify to protect their safety on a small and insular campus—we have decided to take the

Problematizing Paradise

Every year, the tables in the dining halls are littered with posters inviting Tufts students to “experience paradise.” This “paradise” is Talloires, where each summer around 90 students participate in a six-week homestay program at Tufts’ satellite campus in rural France. Students often return from their stay in Talloires saying it was the “best six

Realizing the American Dream Abroad

My grandparents live in Venetian Isles, a gated Floridian retirement community eerily similar to Seinfeld’s “Del Boca Vista,” where everyone has a Spanish-style home with terracotta roof tiles, a manicured lawn, and access to a multitude of amenities. Financially stable, surrounded by friends, well-traveled, and always tan—my grandparents are living the American Dream. But they