Author: Cara Paley


Wireless Not Spot: Why Tufts Can’t Connect

As high school students pursue their college searches these days, they often turn to online message boards, where current university students can provide valuable insider answers to their questions. So what is one of the most pressing insider issues that these prospective students ask about on websites like “College Confidential”? None other than the intense and ongoing debate about wireless Internet access—or lack thereof.


Out of the [Abroad] Box

It is no secret that cultivating a commitment to the global community is among the many hallmarks of a Tufts education. Here in Medford and Somerville, students take full advantage of the resources that allow them international engagement on campus.  But the general consensus among upperclassmen is that being abroad is what solidifies that sense of globalism.

Poetry & Prose

Home High

It’s a Wednesday I think, and I’m going home high. It just passed 10:15 in the morning, my alarm reminds me – been up since I heard kitchen noises at 9:46. (I didn’t forget about the alarm – I knew it’d go off, marking forty-five sweet minutes left in the breakfast hour before James – I call him “Camper” – picks me up. Still blazed from last-night antics, he and I plan to shop uptown a bit, just for a while. Maybe I’ll buy some flannel or a grinder; Camper doesn’t know really what he wants, but I need to buy a special edition record for Nina. Otherwise…bad. So since I’m going home, packing happens, panic happens, I shave.


From Medford to Tanzania:

Most twenty-somethings are battling the insecurities of after-college life, agonizing over how to apply that impressive degree to the, gasp, real world. But Fletcher student Dory Gannes replaced post-grad confusion with a steadfast mission and, by the ripe age of 24, fully achieved it.


Racing the Wind

As the United States’ oil supply dwindles and our carbon footprint grows, many look to the wind as the answer to our energy problems. Rhode Island and Massachusetts can now count themselves among the growing number of wind energy proponents as they compete to be the first state with a large-scale offshore wind farm.


Healthcare Cram Session: Ensuring You Know the Facts

Minnesota Governor and potential 2012 presidential nominee Tim Pawlenty called it an “unprecedented overreach by the federal government.”  Georgian Congressman Paul Broun called it “a war of Yankee aggression” (really).  But Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma put it in terms everyone can understand: “To our seniors, I have a message for you: you’re going to die sooner.”


Female Soldiers Have a Plan B

All of us probably know someone who has taken Plan B (levonorgestrel), better known as the morning-after pill. Available in hospitals, pharmacies, and college health services across the country, Plan B is instrumental in protecting women from becoming pregnant after a forgetful night, a condom mishap, or even a sexual assault, It is such a common medical treatment in our culture(especially on college campuses) that it comes as a shock to many that the morning-after pill was not available to female soldiers on military bases until just a month ago.


Barbie Goes Chic to Geek

Without question, Barbie is a cultural icon. Her perfectly pointed feet and impossibly shiny hair have been barometers for girls to measure themselves against since 1959. She comes complete with a dream-house, a pink convertible, and a teeny-weeny bikini for her vacations in the tropics. Now, trying to usher their doll out of the standards of the previous generation, Mattel Toystore is trying to appeal to the Gen-X, millennial set of consumers with Barbie’s newest career: computer science engineer.


Google versus the Great Wall of Censorship

Imagine not knowing something. Simple, you think, I’ll google it. For Chinese citizens, this is not as easy as it sounds. What happens when a search engine limits the extent of its searches? What happens if you can’t google? This question might become a harsh reality, as Google has recently threatened to leave China altogether after the Chinese government enforced strict censorship policies and breached privacy agreements between the company and its clients.

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