The Value of Mental Healthcare

On March 24, many people covered by Obamacare breathed easily for the first time in months, as the highly divisive American Health Care Act (AHCA) was pulled from the House floor due to its general unpopularity amongst Democrats and many moderate Republicans. One of Trump’s most prominent critiques during the presidential election was of the

Cold Pressed: Hot Off the Screen, Just for You, Every Morning

Personalized, short, and sweet. This is the way we tend to consume news: in the fastest, purest, and most personalized way possible. Almost everyone seems to have demanding day-to-day commitments and next to no free time, and the way in which news is consumed has had to transform in order to keep up. Most people

Cold-Pressed: Is Home Where the Homework Is?

The Facebook group “Avon in the Know” is a sociologist’s dream. Last year, an inspired member of my Avon, Ohio hometown (I’m thinking a 39-year-old, Dansko-sporting homemaker smoking her monthly cig in between little league double-headers) decided to create an online sharing platform for local events and news. Inadvertently, a masterpiece had been created. Posted

Cold-Pressed: The Emergence of Vaporwave

The ‘90s. A time of sporting jelly heels, popping in Biggie’s cassette, and forgetting about the fear of computers invading homes across the nation. Many would probably also like to forget this decade, but the recent cultural phenomenon called Vaporwave has resurrected the era and all of its glory. Vaporwave, as defined by, is

Undocumented Students at Tufts

Every April 7, United We Dream, America’s largest nonpartisan youth-led immigration organization, hosts National Institutions Coming Out Day. According to their website, the event “encourage[s] educators to publicly come out and be proud about supporting and working alongside undocumented students.” This day became significant in Tufts University history last year, as the college officially changed its admissions

Forging a New Media

Last month, Ahmed Mohamed’s name was all over America. His controversial arrest over a homemade clock that administrators falsely assumed was a bomb sparked discussion and outrage about Islamophobia in his Texas high school. #IStandWithAhmed quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter as people around the world expressed their support for the teenager. Three days