Author: marysalin


Postgrad Perspectives

In a series of interviews, Tufts professors across disciplines and age provided their insight on the post-graduate experience. The Observer asked them the question, “What did you do right after graduation?” and they gave us the following stories. Rest assured, dear seniors. Even professors went through job hunting, relocation, volunteering, and temporary amnesia. The transcripts have been edited for clarity and length.

Despite achieving similar professional positions that stem from a relatively stable series of necessary preconditions (grad school, academic research, etc.), professors nonetheless exhibit a wide array of experiences. In their interviews, each one stresses the benefits of their own path—however meandering it was.


Evaluating Tufts

At the end of every semester, just about every student at Tufts is asked to complete a course evaluation for their classes. But, after they’re collected neatly into a big manila envelope, where do they go? What purpose do they serve? As many students may have noticed, we can’t even seem to find them, let alone use them to inform our academic decisions.

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