Poetry & Prose


Smashed heads

Brain soup

“Don’t talk 

Like that 

I’m gonna yak”

You started 

Another silent sidewalk 

My aimless body emasculated

Drifting under a

Draped limb

Authoritative affair

Of orgasmic ownership

It’s hard to take you seriously when 

“Fuck me

Fuck me

Fuck me”

The celtic group stopped 

When you blew in my ear

They told me


You came

Now you can go”

We watched the hut burn down 

You wouldn’t hold my hand as the bear was macerated

But I have two feet by my ears



There’s no headboard for me to tie you to

Musk and dirty polo shirts will suffice

“I wish

I could inflict

All my pain on you”

Everytime you refused to 

Slice the window

Forcing sediments to

Linger and pool on my neck

Yours were the muffled screams