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Beyond Us

I dream of floating

high above the clouds that hover

over the heads of those below.


Blocking the sun,

preventing the warmth

and vibrancy

of what could be.


I can see it.


A world that exists

beyond ours;

within ours.


A world where healing

is given the time of day;

where understanding is sought,

not denial.


Valuing reconciliation,



and relationships.


Not violence,



and bigotry.


Falling back through the clouds,

I wake up.


Remembering dreams

that feel like memories.


Memories of a past

that could have been;

a future that just might be.


It’s up to us.


Those days

when the rain falls

and the sun shines

at the same time,

it’s up to us

to choose which one

we dwell on.


The rain

offers a moment

of recognition,

of validation.


The steady pattering-

encouragement to keep pushing.


We find peace in these moments,

yet we often fail

to see the beauty beyond.


While the rain provides comfort,

the sun’s rays present us with hope.


Not simply that the rain will stop-

for we need it to grow-

but hope for moments beyond pain;

beyond sorrow.


The sun itself,

a reminder that warmth and joy

will be born out of our tears,

for rainbows only exist

at their intersection.


Our colors, born again

out of the gray seconds before.


Hold onto these moments,

for they are pure,

and fleeting.


Moments where we

can determine

the world around us.


Moments where we

can be.



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