Campus Calendar: Fall Traditions

Traditions work in funny ways. As freshmen, they are a foreign and exciting ritual. As sophomores, we consider ourselves veterans. As juniors, we become jaded, and as seniors, we savor every last moment, knowing that this homecoming might be our last. But Tufts traditions have been changing recently. Although the Monaco administration ushered in a new era with less nudity and fewer alcohol-centric events, people are still managing to have a good time. Brace yourselves, Jumbos, because with an upgraded athletics department and a renewed sense of spirit, this year’s calendar is an exciting one.

Homecoming: Saturday, September 29

Legend has it that once, Homecoming was structured around an athletic ritual that included throwing an elliptical ball made of pig skin. Although little evidence for this phenomenon exists, Jumbos still gather each homecoming to honor the Homecoming tradition and celebrate the Tufts community. Wear a collegiate sweater as leaves fall from the trees and enjoy a day devoted to socializing and making the last of the nice weather count.

Cage Rage: Saturday, December 8

Cage Rage is an annual concert in which the Programming and Concert Boards bring in world-class talent to perform at Tufts. Usually hosted during the fall semester Cage Rage will be in December this year, possibly in a move to curb lingering NQR disgruntlement. The grapevine reports that this year’s budget is about $30,000 and that two big-time bands are on the list as potential Cage Rage acts: Imagine Dragons and Big Something.

Winter Bash: Friday, February 1

Winter Bash can mean only one thing on campus: it’s time to suit up!  People board busses and head into Boston to a classy hotel.  But make no mistake—people might look flashy, but are just as trashy.  People in cold climates all over the world rub their bodies against each other for warmth in the dark months; so really, Winter Bash is just a booster shot for many co-eds who would otherwise fall prey to the campus tundra.

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