A Conversation With the Editor

Welp ya’ll, this is it. The concluding column of my undergraduate career. My last experience writing as the individual formerly known as Kate Hirsch the Famous Tennis Player. My final time writing for the Tufts Observer.   I’d like to take this opportunity to self-indulge (as if this entire column hasn’t been one big, self-indulgent

A Care Free Spring Break?

Hi ya’ll,   It’s Kate, your favorite columnist here (note to readers: I’m sorry if that was presumptuous, I just feel the need for some confidence right now—love, a second semester senior who still has no job). I wanted to start off and welcome you all back from “Spring Break!” Personally, I think it’s great

Kate Hirsch the Famous Tennis Player

Hi all!   It’s Kate, the mediocre former athlete who most likely peaked in middle school! I wanted to start out column number two by thanking the few individuals who have reached out to me so far—I am really excited to talk with y’all and hear your stories. To everyone who has not contacted me,

Back and (not exactly) Better Than Ever

Hello All, I’d like to let you all know that I’m trying to play it super cool when writing the first sentence of my column this semester, but to be honest the only thing that’s going through my head right now is a loop of Eminem’s seminal classic “Without Me.” I would not characterize this