Off the Grid: Disconnected in America

Broadband access for a Tufts student has become an assumed service of the university—akin to heated classrooms, running water, and Spring Fling. The “Tufts Memes for Quirky Queens” page had a bashful laugh when a slight alteration to Pavlov’s Hierarchy of Needs added the new foundation of Wi-Fi. Understandably, web access has become a critical

Seeing Double: Virtual Reality’s Challenge to the Self

Duke Dumont’s 2014 music video for “I Got You” has gotten me through many wintery nights in Tisch. The video depicts a protagonist waiting for a package while sipping a cup of tea by a window on a rainy afternoon. When the package finally arrives, he runs downstairs, returns to his starkly furnished living room,

Make Tufts a Driverless Campus

College campuses have long been host to social movements, multi-disciplinary thinking, and innovation. Facebook, the seatbelt, beer pong, and the Reach Toothbrush (1976, designed by Tufts Professor Percy Hill) give but a small sense of the kind of collegiate-born innovations that have significantly impacted and improved human life well beyond the iron gates of academia.

The Impact of A.I. in the Millennial Job Market

One of my fondest Tufts memories was Halloween my sophomore year when I dressed up as a “Tufts Dad.” I wore my pants high-waited, a brown Tufts Dad T-shirt, sported a Tufts Alumni mug, and carried a copy of the Wall Street Journal tucked into my Lee jeans. My character reminisced on the trials and