Hidden in Smoke: A Forgotten History of Opium, Opioids, and Tufts

To view a version of this article with added content and multimedia elements, click here.    On June 20, 1946, the last empress of China died in a prison cell alone, lying in a pool of her own bodily fluids. Outside, an audience of civilians and soldiers gathered to mock Empress Wanrong (婉容) as she

Unbreakable at Tufts: Dining Workers Fight for a Fair Contract

Last April, over 500 Tufts community members marched from Dewick to Ballou, painted cardboard signs in hand, chanting together: The students and workers will never be defeated, the students and workers will never be defeated. Gathered on the academic quad, the crowd chanted and cheered until Tufts administrators emerged from Ballou’s front doors. A group

Tired of Tiers

On July 23, 2018, Tufts announced a reconfiguration of the pricing of its on-campus housing system. Starting with the 2019 – 2020 school year, the University will move forward with tiered costs for on-campus housing, which will stratify different types of accommodations based on “variations in room configuration, kitchen access, and amenities,” according to the

Warning: Examining Tufts Safety Alert Policies In the Wake of The Recent Handgun Scare

Just five days after the March for Our Lives, a protest against gun violence in Washington, DC, a Tufts student reported to TUPD that she saw someone carrying a gun on campus at around 2:50 p.m. After talking to an officer, the student posted in the Tufts Chi Omega Facebook page about what she had

Follow the Money: Tufts’ Sackler School, Purdue Pharma, and the Opioid Epidemic

In June 2013, Tufts President Anthony Monaco traveled to Purdue Pharma’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut to personally give Raymond Sackler an honorary degree. In 1980, Dr. Sackler and his brothers Arthur and Mortimer donated the funds to establish the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, which is located on the Tufts Health Sciences campus in

Finding your FIT

Every September, over 1,000 Tufts freshman flood campus, with open hearts and minds, hoping to connect with fellow new Jumbos. While freshman orientations are a common feature at most colleges, Tufts also has a unique addition—the Pre-Orientation, or Pre-O. Pre-Os grant new students the opportunity to connect with classmates even before orientation begins in a

A Band-Aid Solution

As graduation looms, many Tufts seniors find themselves scrambling for post-grad plans. Where will Jumbos go after commencement? Certainly some will move to San Francisco, having landed a position at Google. Others will flock to consulting jobs and fellowships in DC, and others still will happily accept whatever entry-level position can pay their rent. And,

Passing It Down: The Challenges of Preserving Institutional Memory As A Student Activist Group

In May of 2015, a small huddle of tents stationed near Ballou Hall interrupted the smooth green of the Academic Quad. The students gathered there were members of the Tufts Labor Coalition, a student group that “promotes community and solidarity between Tufts students and campus workers,” according to their Facebook page. In 2015, it had

Color-Coded: Race, Class, and the Lasting Legacies of Redlining

Somerville, 1935: Infiltration of negro. Detrimental influences: obsolescence, low-class occupants, congested area. Foreign born concentrated at western end and negro in central part. Section south of the railroad is a slum area with negro concentrated near the west side. Trend of desirability over the next 10 years: down. Overall area: hazardous.   It is 1935.

Converting to the Semester-Hour Unit

When the Spring 2018 semester comes to an end, Tufts will officially adopt a semester-hour unit system in place of the current one course, one credit system. Under the current structure, the vast majority of classes are worth one credit. But under the new semester-hour unit configuration, credits are intended to be proportional to the

Bridging Disability and Mental Illness

Visiting Disablity Studies lecturer Lydia X. Z. Brown, otherwise known as Autistic Hoya, defines ableism as the “oppression, prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination against Disabled people,” in addition to the belief that non-Disabled people’s lives are superior, have a better quality of life, or have lives that are more valuable than Disabled people’s lives. While many

“We Just Want to Pee:” The Fight for All-Gender Bathrooms on Campus

CW: transphobia  In 2016, the Campus Pride Index named Tufts a “Top 30 School For LGBT Students.” Their criteria include resources like an LGBT Center, counseling for LGBT students, and policy inclusion. What it doesn’t include is access to and availability of all-gender bathrooms. Had their rankings included this, Tufts’ five-out-of-five-star score might have been