Elizabeth Warren’s Imperialism Won’t Give Us Climate Justice

“Our military can help lead the fight in combating climate change.”  Elizabeth Warren declared this last Spring while introducing her co-written Bill, the Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act, with Texas Representative Veronica Escobar. It would require the Pentagon to achieve net-zero carbon energy for “non-combat bases,” alongside other proposals intending to “harden the US

Make Space for Black Joy

There is a white sign in a black frame in the entryway of the Medford Tufts University Art Gallery that reads: “Exhibition Content Warning: Please be advised this gallery contains artwork that references gun violence.” The sign refers to the Sanford Biggers BAM series, an exhibition that aims to memorialize and honor unarmed Black victims

The Image of Our Community: Disaggregate Tufts’s Racial Data by Ethnicity

I happened upon data disaggregation because I felt marginalized during class discussions on race that perpetuated the Model Minority Myth. These discussions invalidated my experience as a person of color, and I set out to research what it meant to be Asian American in a foundationally White institution. My research fundamentally changed how I view

Don’t Let Cultural Gatekeeping Destroy South Asian Solidarity

A previous version of this article made two errors. Three extraneous words were misattributed to the original Tufts Daily article: “an outside perspective is not as useful as a native one when seeking a deep dive into these cultures.” Additionally, the previous version stated that the original Daily article did not mention the South Asian

Reframing the Hong Kong Protests

Author’s Notes ————- Writer #1: As a student who calls Hong Kong home, seeing my city paralyzed by protests has been hard to watch from afar. But I completely understand the necessity of these protests. It has been inspiring to see people of all professions and classes gain an understanding of the imbalanced nature of

Building Cultures of Consent

Action for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) was formed in 2013 when the US Department of Education found Tufts University to be in violation of Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the “basis of sex… under any education program or activity.” Tufts was failing to appropriately handle sexual assault cases on campus—cases were