Mariegold Bakery

—After José Garcia Villa Electric, fans, jolt, towards, Santo, Niño’s, bright, and, careful, eyes Listless, fish, push, through, thick, water, Gumballs, crack, in, quarterless, machines,   Wedges, of, honeyed, light, Drench, an, infantry, of, SPAM,  While, the, hopia, sits, patiently, in glass, cases,   Waiting, Place,   Iginagalaw, ang, mga, electric, fans, sa, Mga, makinang,


I have snails on my heart and they leave slime trails all over my ventricles and suction to the insides of my aorta. Although they don’t have any feet, the feeling of them crawling around in tiny paths is like constantly being tickled while I breathe. Tide pools form where my blood pumps out like


Its rays were drawn out with a childish hand, touching so gently I almost believed angels were real Warmth only ever feels so good when skin is burning Red bumps and orange eyes It blusters through the windows with no blinds, no curtains Highlighting that one stain that makes my brown hair blond   I