Robotics and Rugrats: Incorporating Technology into Early Childhood Curriculum

It’s time for announcements at the Mystic Learning Center in Somerville, and almost immediately one student is sent to the time-out table for refusing to get off her phone. During computer time, a group of eight year olds gather around to watch Fetty Wap music videos, giggling and hiding the screen from their supervisors, while

Spinning the Web: Navigating Tufts’ Wireless Networks

When students, staff, and faculty wander onto campus, they cross not only a physical but also a digital border into Tufts University. The latter is what connects smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices to the Tufts wireless network. Providing service to thousands of users each day, campus Internet systems are extensive feats of digital architecture.

The Ins and Outs of Polling

Bernie Sanders was not supposed to win the Democratic Primary in Michigan. For weeks, poll after poll showed Hillary Clinton in the lead by double-digit margins. On the eve of the primary, FiveThirtyEight estimated that Clinton had a greater than 99 percent chance of winning the majority of the state’s delegates. But on March 8,

From Charlie Cards to Uber Cars

This past June, Uber offered a deal for app users in the metropolitan Boston area: $75 for 40 trips, or $40 for 20 trips. The following month, the MBTA raised their fares between 0.10 and 0.15 cents for buses and trains, coming to approximately $2 a ride, similar to the aforementioned Uber coupon. Uber’s notoriety

Fine Dining is Dead

Theory Kitchen, the culinary brainchild of 22-year-old Tufts University graduate, Theo Friedman, recently returned to Boston for a weekend of multi-course dinners. Friedman curated the menu himself, sourced all of the necessary ingredients, and spent the week leading up to the event prepping dishes and tinkering with flavor combinations. Typically, Friedman operates Theory Kitchen in

The Wall We’ve Built

Just south of San Diego and north of the Mexican city of Tijuana, a 52-mile long line of fence cuts across the landscape. From the ground, the fence is intimidating, at least 10 feet tall and made of steel. Once viewed as one of the “easiest” and most frequented points at which to cross the border, this wall is the site

Farmers, Sea Captains, and White People

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