Poetry & Prose

cinematic ending

Art by Cheech

smug smog idles within white walls—all
walls wild through my eyes!

mine mean idling eyes, i die!

i’ll fall ill, me, myself still stuck in the smog—
smug, stiff, suffocating sentiments!

intensity or indifference? emotion eyes itself ill
sly silence, oh stiff strict smoke!

exiled, stuck in isle of self—only immense fervor fed softly,
mine own meaty murderous musings—mine!

where will the world wait? wretched wishes arise,
eyes erratically eager for ego, long for lucidity

limbo lies languid
linking smog and air, allying wall and all

murderous, maddening, sickening sensations of
self, me, mine, i!

self spars murky malevolent murmurs
madly, minutes inhibit—

will the world wait within these walls?

i’m incomplete, forced to face facile fate,
failed to furious fumes

smog subsides, silence vanishes in vain—vanity
allies wall and all, world waits

sprints, swims, splits smog