• sam

    Tuft Love

    By Sam Crozier

    Tuft Love will be an exploration of the ways in which college students—and Tufts students in particular—navigate the complex nature of modern love in all of its forms. From swiping right to having a serious “thing,” Sam will tackle the fluid, complicated, and often confusing nature of romance on college campuses. Read the Column

  • jamie

    More than a Game

    By Jamie Moore

    Jamie will be writing about the NFL outside the stadium—from social issues to contract disputes to the way the sport markets itself. Read the Column

  • max

    Thing of the Week

    By Max Makovetsky

    Max is a senior who’s interested in a lot of things. He tends to fixate on one topic at a time, his “thing of the week,” really intensely, until he moves onto the next. Lately he’s been thinking a lot about different spaces at tufts that make up Tufts as a whole. Join Max in conversation with other voices who share his enthusiasm, passion, interest, and intrigue for his thing of the week. Read the Column