Poetry & Prose

daisies and peonies

They called in 

broken sentences with urgent tones. 

His breaths were not his own,

and his body stiff, 

fastened to the hospital bed.

The breathing tube uncomfortably rests 

on his unshaven face,

lining down his chest that rises

and falls with every

anxious thought in the room. 

My grandma received flowers at her doorstep

Crisp white daisies and peonies with soft pink hues 

wrapped in brown paper, 

Meticulously and gently

tied at the bottom with ribbon

so all of their delicate petals hold

She sent me her gratitude 

“Your grandpa will see you marry your husband.

He will walk you down the aisle”

She affirms the words with 

shaky breaths and hurried, reassuring nods 

As if she’s negotiating with God himself

I nod my head listless

As silent shudders radiate from my chest like butterflies 

I never sent her flowers