Poetry & Prose


I see myself in the cradle of privilege

In the arms of ignorance

I find myself taking this for granted

Ignorance is bliss

Bliss is too easy to mistake for knowing about happiness

College is too easy to mistake for knowledge.

Tufts University:

Home of collared shirts and 60,000 dollar price tags

What makes me think I am that much more valuable,

That the linings of my parents pockets makes me worthy of knowing only the things that will fill them again

Small dresses and formal register

I talk exactly how it was handed,

Sugar coated fillings as silver platters.


My 60,000 dollar education will never be repaid

Too fascinated with streets and slick poems

opening my mouth wide enough so you can see my backbone

I never liked to please

Broken English and human connection

I never liked feeling in my place

Embarrassed to let people enter the size of my home

Knowing my gravitation towards urban neighborhoods could never teach me what it means to be empathetic

Lucky that dollar signs tend to be genetic


I am still learning how suffering can run blood deep.

Art by Nina Hofkosh-Hulbert.

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