Falling for Fall

Candy corn is a polarizing food. You can’t be iffy on candy corn. Hate it or love it, candy corn is in your future. These little kernels of sugar pack a festive punch of color that almost rivals the majesty of the leaves changing color around our campus. Jumbo Express stocked their shelves with candy corn a couple weeks ago—have you picked up your quarter pound yet? No, that isn’t just the sugar rush talking, you are totally amped for all of the fall holidays coming right your way.

And why wouldn’t you be amped? The season of autumn gives you reasons to celebrate with the passing of each fortnight. And you’ve come to the right place because here in New England, we have some seriously glorious fall foliage to boast about. Just take a deep breath, and take in the majesty. All of life’s stressors—midterms, job applications, etc.—are fleeting, but you can always count on autumn to  come back and remind you why Earth is a beautiful place to live. So, carve a pumpkin, play soccer, chase a turkey, eat some candy corn. Have an awesome autumn!

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