Poetry & Prose

Give Me a Break… I’m Really Sincere

Gladioli cut curbside crop lines

Compulsion, revulsion, grassy submission

Plucking familiarity in silence, stalks of pink

Ivy sprig of white tendrils: anxious to please 

Maiden chasms, 

I swear I saw a salmon 

Resentment, anger, your presence soothes me

Egotism, formality, stay as sweet as you are

Deception, gracious lady, will you dance with me?

Amongst the rivery rocks, they mock me

Evening, inconstancy

It’s so heavenly to be with you, grief-jealousy

A shard of the inlet transforms my toes 

Curiosities creep over them and yes, time

The sun is always

Lupine, lily of the valley, how do you handle humility?

Mountains, maternal: ease with bitterness

Not much movement but brown cows in mud earth spit

Pitching forward in pastoral poetry

Provisions not of repose, secrecy shaving away innocence

Watchfulness, forced faithfulness

Affection: not to surmount difficulties

But to you, with your sky of violets, I will always be true

Now to impressions and oblivion, sweet pea, 

Meaning goodbye, and thank you for a lovely time