Poetry & Prose

hey lady

Hey lady, the way that I sculpted you from mud

my fingers pressed into your waist and

your swan arms lifted above your head so

you couldn’t even see them because your

hands were grabbing a cloud the same

way your sharp shout grabs me,

Hey lady, it spins me around

and pierces me and, hey lady,

you’re nothing but good to me.

When you’re gone I don’t miss

you but when I see your grin

splitting apart like a pit of

glistening teeth it makes my

sweating rash cool and my

twisted grimace drown in

watered honey.


Hey lady, I’m watching

you over my shunted

shoulder and your

elbows are sharpened

to a file as your

clothes cover your



Hey lady, I can see your knotted gold

chain behind your hanging hair.

Hey lady, your heart is comfortable and wide.

I brighten when I see you because you

glow a little bit, and you decided I should

glow a little too. Hey lady, I told you I

was writing for you but you thought I



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