Poetry & Prose

I Can’t Wait To Wake Up To You World

I think I don’t want to go to sleep because
I don’t want to leave this day
I don’t want to miss these moments of quiet
to the hazy mist of
sleeping silently

those peepers—I wanted to find
comfort in their memory

of people and place—
but I think they are gone,
maybe time really has glided together,
and I’ve missed out on listening to the peepers,
maybe it is finally hot enough—
does the heat put peepers to sleep?

they keep peeping I think,
but when it seems like you’ve just missed the moments of the world,
reality doesn’t really ground you

but now the raindrops are tapping on my quiet moment,
a peaceful but rapid descent
like a steady river from the sky,

droplets of cloud, captured light in between the stars
there is so much happening in the sky that I don’t want to miss
desperately I want to be
able to do more,
but the peepers are back at least,
and I don’t know if it is because my brain is quieter
or because the rain has worked them up
with splashes, billions of splashes, in their beautiful world
dancing water and singing frogs isn’t a bad way
to fall asleep