I Have, Have You?

  1. Help bedazzle Tufts campus on Mischief Night with hundreds of pumpkins.
  2. Take a study break and visit Jumbo’s crusty tail in the basement of Tisch.
  3. Seeing anyone new? Kiss them under Bowen Gate (next to Gifford House, across from the Fletcher)…legend has it you’ll marry them after you graduate.
  4. Volunteer at the Boston Marathon because you’re too lazy to run it but you really want the schwag.
  5. Have a beer in Hotung.
  6. TDC. Just do it.
  7. Sled on the hill (R.I.P. trays)
  8. Get on Pro-1 and Dean’s List in the same semester.
  9. Streak campus (R.I.P. NQR)
  10. Have dinner at a professor’s house.
  11. Use the Purell dispenser to make crazy designs on the floor of the library bathroom, light it on fire, and TURN OFF THE LIGHT
  12. Have a conversation with a Dewick lady for 5+ minutes.
  13. Make the best breakfast sandwich possible in a dining hall (We recommend using French toast as bread)
  14. Go to the Loj (to either embrace it or rid yourself of curiosity)
  15. Take a professor out to lunch somewhere not on campus.
  16. Go to the echo spot between Tisch and Eaton Hall.  It’ll blow your mind, we promise.
  17. Turn campus into a Frisbee golf course (campus empties out at midnight).
  18. Polish off a 30-rack in a private study room in the library
  19. Go to Valentine’s dinner at the Chase Center.
  20. Hillel bagel brunch.
  21. Call into WMFO while your friends are on or to win free tickets that they give away SO OFTEN IT’S RIDICULOUS
  22. Use the practice spaces in Granoff to jam with friends.
  23. Go to Crafts Center in the basement of Lewis to screenprint or just make your Halloween costume for cheap.  It’s Tufts’ best untapped resource.
  24. Roofs to scale: Tisch Library, Campus Center, Metcalf, Fletcher, Dewick, Anderson.
  25. Climb up to the gazebo on the roof of Carmichael.
  26. Hook up with a stranger (Fall Ball, Winter Bash, 123 Basement….all acceptable)
  27. Campus-wide capture the flag.
  28. Trick turn a cake from Hodgdon,
  29. Spend the whole day on the Prez Lawn.
  30. Classrooms after hours.
  31. Carve your initials in the big tree on President’s Lawn.
  32. Costume closet in Hodgdon.
  33. Go skating at the Frog Pond.
  34. Brunch on Broadway (Soundbites, Ball Square, Kelly’s….take your pick).
  35. Go to the Harvard Square midnight showing Rocky Horror. Throw toast and toilet paper at the screen, etc.
  36. Hook up in the Tisch stacks.
  37. Go to Fenway.  Kiss the Green Monster (drunk).
  38. Hijack the cannon right after it’s been painted.
  39. Make it into the Observer Police Blotter.

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