Keep Your Clothes On, Ladies

Fashion works in cycles, constantly reviving trends from the past.

high-waisted cutoffs and cropped shirts, 1960s--circa the time period of the original Dirty Dancing

Are designers are taking the fashion “throwbacks” as far as they can while still being lawfully acceptable?

studded corset by Kettle Black-try going to your professor's office hours with studs on "the girls"
the ultimate booty short?
the ultimate booty short?
cropped bustier by Vena Cava (ps $378, WTF?!)-it's like a bra and 1/4 of a shirt, all in one! less laundry?

With the exception of bathing suits and just walking around naked (well, then we’d just all get arrested) I think this is as close as it gets to dressing like cavewomen. Fashionable cavewomen, of course.

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