Poetry & Prose

let’s get free

the greatest voice once sang

i believe the youth are the future

i agree with her

so bring me the heads of those

who kill our children

ya know, the ones who hoard

the wealth

and leave us poor folk with no freedom & resources

just death & destruction

i will put their heads on

a silver platter

i call it “serving the master”


i do not believe in violence

though i am birthed from it

and ghetto confined to it

i believe in peace

i believe in the sacredness of nature and honoring all of humanity

but those who deny i am human

as if that’s natural

well they compel me to enact a greater violence on them than

they do on me

after all that is all they seem to know

so clearly that is the only way

i will ever get free

which is to say self-defense is

not believing in violence

but is sensible thinking if i want

to live and not just barely survive


i long for the days where no

bellies ever cry out from hunger

where no homes are left empty

where no mothers ever go from holding their babies in their wombs

to holding them on the concrete

paved with their babies’ blood

because a cop was good at

their job

the world i’m struggling to build

will have no cops, no prisons

no poverty, no other current

foul conditions


i fight this fight so that one day

and one day soon

us people around the world

who are forced to do all the work

will own the materials we

use to produce the wealth

for bloodsucking capitalists

yes, i’m talking about socialism

now don’t be scared

just get prepared

all our material needs will

be met so we can finally live

like people are supposed to

like we are human beings

and not slaves

not property

not objects


but people.


that said,

is you in or out?


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