Letter from the Editor

Over the past four years I have written some dozens of articles, poems, and pieces for the Tufts Observer. It’s been days of edits and interviews and lukewarm pizza and staring at fonts until well into morning. Here, in my final piece, I have nothing new to say, no breaking news. Instead I have a large list of thank yous.

Thank you to all the upperclassman who welcomed the awkward freshman who claimed she knew InDesign. Thank you to every editor who saw my sophomoric writing and worked with me, showing me that you need quotes, a thesis, some facts. Thank you to the editors who showed grace and leadership whenever we were faced with wacky submissions or plagiarism or redacted quotes.

Thank you to my current staff for constant questions and support and concern about this publication. Thank you for listening to Justin Bieber on repeat way after you were over it. Thank you for editing your art and design and writing over and over in the constant pursuit of something better. Thank you for coming to this magazine knowing we can accomplish incredible things and showing me over and over exactly how. I have said it before but I think it bears repeating.

Every other week we send this publication in to the printer at the wee morning hours after Tuesday bleeds into Wednesday. Every other week I declare, “We did it! It’s done!” only to wake up hours later to some correction that needs to be made before ink can be set to page. No goodbye is forever and no ending is as finite as we think it is. And honestly I think that is kind of beautiful.

So here is a not-forever goodbye. I leave this publication drunk off pull-quotes and love and this staff’s amazing drive to make this campus and world a better place. I am, as always, overwhelmed and honored.


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