Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, 

Two and a half years ago, we both applied to be designers on the Tufts Observer, confident that we would never have to write anything. Unfortunately, life never quite seems to work out exactly like you think it will. For six semesters we expressed our love for the Observer in each page we designed, and now we are (cautiously) excited to do the same in writing. 

During our tenure at this chaotic little publication that we’ve grown to love so much, we’ve set up countless Zoom rooms, assembled Pinterest boards and Behance folders for inspiration, and made some really pretty pages—but most importantly, we’ve found a community to call our home. Despite panic during our first retreat after being asked our sun, moon, and rising signs (which we did not know; who knows that?), we have since been welcomed into a warm, enthusiastic, and brilliant group of people that we can’t imagine not knowing. The MAB Lab was once a terrifying space we thought might be haunted. Now we can’t wait to be back there, even if this time we are sure it is haunted. We’ve endured 6:00 a.m. nights and watched the sunrise together. Most of all, we treasure the other designers we have gotten to work with. What other group of people could have such heated debates over the fastest way to make a gradient, or cheer collectively for when someone finally finds the exact right color to use? Who else could we complain with about Mitski’s font choices, or send Adobe InDesign jokes to? To our beloved design team, we want to thank you infinitely for everything you’ve done. 

So, as you read this issue of the Observer, make sure to take a look at those little design credits at the bottom of each page. Each name there is a wonderful person who has spent hours battling absolutely sinister design software in order to present the article to you looking its best. 

⌘S, ⌘Q,

Brigid and Richie

We’ve dropped caps and truths.

We’ve pulled quotes and heartstrings too.

Brigid and Richie