Police Blotter

Police Blotter

On Tuesday, March 31, after 42 and a half years on the job, Sgt. Robert McCarthy retired from the Tufts University Police Department. For years, he collaborated with the Tufts Observer , giving us the most entertaining—and strange—police reports that TUPD encounters on the job. He shook our hands and told us sincerely: “This was my favorite part of the job. Really.” He will be missed.

Call on Me

Saturday, February 28th, 11:30 pm

Officers were dispatched to Packard Ave. They arrived across from the President’s House to find two students semi-conscious, facedown in the snow. When asked if they had been drinking, one student said he had not, and the other was unable to answer.

Stray Bobcat

Tuesday, March 3rd, 12:02 am

The shuttle driver was stopped and someone told him that behind Eaton Hall, someone was driving a bobcat machine around the quad. When TUPD arrived, they found the keys in the ignition, but no one was there. There was no damage done to the bobcat machine. Contractors came, parked the bobcat where it belonged, and took the keys. @MysteriousBobcatDriver: pics or it didn’t happen.

All That for a Natty

Sunday, March 8th, 1:00 am

Officers in the process of shutting down a party at the International House approached a girl who was leaving with a can of beer. The officers asked her to stop walking, but she didn’t listen. Instead, she stuffed the can into her pants and then denied she’d ever had it, even though officers could see its outline through her pants. At that point, the girl pulled on the waistband of her pants so that the can would slip further down. The officers decided that the location of the can would make for an awkward search. Eventually, the girl admitted that there was, in fact, a can in her pants, but insisted that it was a can of soda. After much back and forth, she finally removed the can from her pants, revealing what everyone present had known all along: it was beer.

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