Steps – Steps to Play Lottery on Online Gambling Sites

After entering or logging into the lottery site so you will see the menu options in the column that are the first 4D, 3D, 2D selection menu, you click on the menu and the next menu will appear.

-Steps to Install 4D Lottery

If you want to play 4D lottery with a bet of 100, then you only need to fill 100 in the nominal column of the bet. If you are able to guess correctly, then the pay is very fantastic, that is 100 X 3,000 = 300,000. But if you fail to guess 4D lottery gambling bets then the balance will be deducted directly by 18, because there are exposed to a deduction of funds from the calculation of 100% – 65% fee = 18.

-Steps to Install 3D Togel

If you want to place online lottery gambling bets for 3 numbers, then you only need to fill 3 numbers and enter the value of the bet you want to play. For example you want to enter a value of 50, well if you are able to guess correctly then the payment is 50 X400 = 20,000. If you lose, the bet value will be cut by 50 – 58% = 21.

-Steps to Install 2D Togel

Now then if you want to put a 2D lottery, then only need to enter two numbers along with the nominal that you want to bet on

For example: If you put 2 numbers on the front is the number 56 and the number that will appear on the lottery guess is (56XX) so you will get paid 50 X 60 = 3,000, –

Furthermore, if you place 2 numbers in the middle is the number 56 and the 2D lottery number appears in the lottery guess is (X56X), then the pay will be the same as the 2angka guess in front.