Surviving in Somerville

The American Dream: we’ve seen it in our grandparents’ smiles in the black-and-white photographs of their arrival onto Ellis Island; we’ve heard about it from Jay-Z, rapping about his childhood in the Marcy Projects in a pre-gentrified Brooklyn; we’ve made it happen, electing a Hawaiian-born, mixed-race kid raised by a single mom to the Oval

Discussing the American Dream: A Panel Podcast

When the Tufts Observer published the American Dream-themed issue, we as a publication acknowledged the nuances of the theme as a topic for discussion. We knew we could not and should not end the conversation with the magazine, and in recognition of our community’s diverse lived experiences, we wanted to explore the complexities that did not translate

Realizing the American Dream Abroad

My grandparents live in Venetian Isles, a gated Floridian retirement community eerily similar to Seinfeld’s “Del Boca Vista,” where everyone has a Spanish-style home with terracotta roof tiles, a manicured lawn, and access to a multitude of amenities. Financially stable, surrounded by friends, well-traveled, and always tan—my grandparents are living the American Dream. But they