Unearthing The Archive: Segregation, Greek Life, and The Politics of Liberalism

Content Warning: racism, racial slurs   On October 26, 1950, the Tufts Weekly—which would later become the Tufts Observer—published an op-ed by Richard Goodwin entitled, “An Ideal Thwarted.” Goodwin described a “malignant, hypocritical system of fraternities” at Tufts, calling attention to racial and religious segregation occurring within Greek Life. Goodwin’s op-ed created a campus-wide debate.

Abolish Fraternities

CW: extreme sexual, physical, and gendered violence, explicit sexual content A previous version of this article named Tufts University Fraternities where incidents of bias and assault took place. In order to protect the identities of our sources—whom we don’t want to identify to protect their safety on a small and insular campus—we have decided to take the

Defining Sisterhood

“Sisters. Living our Values. Changing the Future,” is Alpha Omicron Pi’s Vision Statement, which is fitting considering it was the close friendship of four Barnard women that established AOII in 1897, according to the organization’s official website. Close-knit friendship still characterizes the sorority, particularly the Tufts AOII Delta chapter, which is committed to establishing community