Union In Transition

The walk from McGrath Highway into Union Square highlights the recent and ongoing changes in the area. Before reaching the center, bustling and bright with Christmas lights, you must pass an ominous, boarded-up funeral home and a partially bulldozed parking lot. You’ll also pass, along the way, a series of starkly different storefronts. Run-down convenience

Retail Robbers

The generation of millennial hipsters is notoriously progressive—or at least it pretends to be. According to a recent research study conducted by Harvard, this generation of millennials (ages 14–34) is the most liberal generation when it comes to social issues. This same group of mason-jar drinking, high-waisted shorts wearing, oversized glasses-donning, kale-munching and bicycle-riding “edgy”

The Food Industry’s Sprouting Trend

The Dandies line opened up and masses of children clustered around the booth, eagerly holding out their hands for an air-puffed vegan marshmallow. Their parents, mingling over shared plates of tapioca cheese and avocado popsicles, raised their voices over the excited clamor of the 19th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival (BVFF). “This is the craziest

Inside Tufts Dining: Balancing Sustainability and Student Demands

In Dewick or Carm, Tufts students are presented with more options than they are likely to see at once in any other setting. We can choose from a sometimes overwhelming selection which includes multiple prepared entrees, salad, and sandwich options, and an entire wall of different cereals. By doing so frequently, we tend to take

A Conversation With Julie Salamon

Authors in the literary world are often defined by their genre. Whether romance or science fiction or fantasy, authors tend to find a genre that they succeed in and stick to it. Julie Salamon is an exception; she follows no trend. Instead, throughout her writing career, she has found relatable themes to inspire her in her