Passing It Down: The Challenges of Preserving Institutional Memory As A Student Activist Group

In May of 2015, a small huddle of tents stationed near Ballou Hall interrupted the smooth green of the Academic Quad. The students gathered there were members of the Tufts Labor Coalition, a student group that “promotes community and solidarity between Tufts students and campus workers,” according to their Facebook page. In 2015, it had

Defunding Justice and Peace

In August of 2017, Peace and Justice Studies majors received an email from the recently appointed PJS Program Director Erin Kelly informing them that their major was undergoing changes and that she would be their new departmental point person. Rumors of these changes had begun to circulate in the spring semester prior to when Tufts

Exhibiting Now: Decolonial Atlas

Sound floods your ears as you walk into the Decolonial Atlas exhibit. Throughout the space, images and sounds overlap with each other. Close your eyes and hear the sound of children laughing—open your eyes to see them “burying” someone in a grave of red clay. Watch a screen filled with slow dancing, and hear chaos,

Cryptocurrency Against Incarceration  

Every night, in every part of the United States, adults who have never been formally tried in court fall asleep between prison walls. They are in prison because they could not afford to pay bail. Cash bail, originally designed as a down payment to ensure that a person shows up to their court date, functions