Horror’s Bloody Union

A sorority terrorized by a masked red devil. Foursomes with vampires and humans. A demon with a drill bit dildo. The horror genre in American television isn’t holding back. Representations of sexuality and sexual violence are fundamental elements of the most popular and frightening shows on networks today, and these shows are amassing attention. Over

The Importance of Trigger Warnings

In the midst of an uproar about the destruction of conversation and the limitedness of being politically correct, I support trigger warnings. Because of general miseducation about mental illness, trigger warnings have become equated to excuses in the eyes of the entitled. Opponents argue that these warnings prevent learning by letting people leave a situation

Sexual Education Shouldn’t Be Scary

Sexual education in the United States is often epitomized by certain tropes and over-told jokes: an awkward middle-aged gym teacher shoves a condom on a banana and lectures students about the dangers of sex; students snicker to cover up their discomfort and then go home and Google their questions. Sexual education programs like this are

Freedom From Fear

Streetlights lining Duar Paris, a city square in the center of Amman, Jordan, illuminated mixed martial arts performances, street artists painting murals, and a man on stilts strolling down the sidewalk. Kazdara, Amman’s first annual art walk, drew in thousands of performers, artists, and spectators this month In a nation known as a haven of stability