Burning Your Dictionary: Translation as a Life Process

Last week, during a class presentation, the art director of a magazine referred to herself as a “translator.” By shuffling through heaps of content, fostering connections between artists, and commissioning assignments, she helps readers imagine realities they would not typically encounter. Through art and creative processes she focuses on articulating the essence of the world

Zines: Niche Counterculture for Campus Expression

My first intimate moment was at Middlesex County Summer Camp, but, be forewarned, it was less than explicit. As an odd thirteen year old with a less-than-daily shower schedule (I was a kid!), I wanted to find somewhere to fit in. I was halfway between the older-kid cabin and the younger, middle school-kid cabin. Because

Presidential Brands: The Anatomy of Political Logos

In 2008, Obama’s presidential campaign created a blue “O”—a single letter set against a white background, crossed by waving red stripes. The “O” made its way onto car bumpers and t-shirts, and was blasted throughout the social media sphere. It became a tool to rally supporters, encourage donations, and develop excitement for the campaign. In

Forging a New Media

Last month, Ahmed Mohamed’s name was all over America. His controversial arrest over a homemade clock that administrators falsely assumed was a bomb sparked discussion and outrage about Islamophobia in his Texas high school. #IStandWithAhmed quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter as people around the world expressed their support for the teenager. Three days