The Future of Farming: How Global Warming Is Changing The Way We Eat

Extreme weather caused by climate change is generating natural disasters, melting polar icecaps, and driving a new wave of extinction, but before long it might also change what we put on our plates. According to a report released on November 4th by the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), rising temperatures caused by climate

Good Truckin’ Food

Every Tufts student has heard of Moe’s: the local food truck, run by the man himself, parked strategically between two fraternities. Once the clock strikes eleven, Moe’s night commences; he starts serving up dogs and burgers for masses of students stumbling towards his truck, all craving a late night bite. “I went to college where

Inside Tufts Dining: Balancing Sustainability and Student Demands

In Dewick or Carm, Tufts students are presented with more options than they are likely to see at once in any other setting. We can choose from a sometimes overwhelming selection which includes multiple prepared entrees, salad, and sandwich options, and an entire wall of different cereals. By doing so frequently, we tend to take

Eating Too Clean

From the gluten-free craze to the paleo diet (which aims to mimic the diet of Paleolithic humans and cuts by cutting out carbohydrates, dairy, and sugars) to the obsession with farmer’s markets, Americans today talk about food very differently than they once did. There are innumerable websites and blogs dedicated to clean eating recipes and methods—showcasing the lives of

Round as a Melon

Bedding twisted, eyelids twisted shut. Emerge from emerald empire of dreaming into melancholy (mystical) melon ripened day, it is already late, it is already late. Lately, leaves have been hanging low and loitering around this place, gooping up gutters and sauntering around streetways, screaming , screaming! that everything has changed and died and decayed and