Unearthing The Archive: Segregation, Greek Life, and The Politics of Liberalism

Content Warning: racism, racial slurs   On October 26, 1950, the Tufts Weekly—which would later become the Tufts Observer—published an op-ed by Richard Goodwin entitled, “An Ideal Thwarted.” Goodwin described a “malignant, hypocritical system of fraternities” at Tufts, calling attention to racial and religious segregation occurring within Greek Life. Goodwin’s op-ed created a campus-wide debate.

Patterns of Contradiction: Tufts in Chinatown

Tufts’ relationship with Boston’s Chinatown is complicated, both historically and in the present day. There are currently various university efforts attempting to alleviate the rapid gentrification of Boston’s Chinatown, which will hopefully repair some of the past displacement inflicted by Tufts. This semester, Professor Penn Loh, Director of the Master in Public Policy Program and

The Standards for Campus Speakers

On the evening of February 23, Tufts students disrupted a discussion between Alan Solomont, Dean of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, with chants and coordinated walkouts. According to a press statement by Tufts United for Immigrant Justice (UIJ) and Tufts Student Action (TSA) organizers, the demonstration was

The Value of Mental Healthcare

On March 24, many people covered by Obamacare breathed easily for the first time in months, as the highly divisive American Health Care Act (AHCA) was pulled from the House floor due to its general unpopularity amongst Democrats and many moderate Republicans. One of Trump’s most prominent critiques during the presidential election was of the