Chartered Exploitation

In the midst of the presidential election it’s easy to get swept up in national policy, but we must not forget how the crucial decisions we make this November will affect our local communities. To much of Tufts’ student body, the words “our local communities” prompt memories of walks from campus to Davis Square, through

Your Opinion is Now Live

Facebook prohibits hate speech. Ideological debate, on the other hand, is encouraged. Given increasing intensity surrounding topics such as race, free speech, gender, and sexuality, how do we discern between what is controversial hate speech and what is contrarily a difference of opinion? How does that, in turn, shape the way we react? The difference

The Environmental Mileage Of Boston’s Food Trucks

Welcome to Fruitlands, a Harvard community of “spiritually elite” vegans who eschew chemicals, artificial ingredients, and excess clothing. They dole out their wares on wooden, mobile carts, limiting production to maintain an independent spirit while preserving the environment and growing their little community. This might sound like a utopian version of the food truck-happy Cambridge

Major Sprawl

“Lots of things come together to create a sense of camaraderie,” said senior Cecily Lo. A computer science major, Lo explained that within her major, many factors align to foster a sense of community. Despite having mixed thoughts on the computer science community at Tufts, Lo affirms that there is undeniably a central hub for