Artist Spotlight: Justine Bowe

By Anna Seeman   Tufts senior Justine Bowe sat down with the Tufts Observer to talk about her latest musical project, Photocomfort, a combination of soothing vocals, haunting lyrics, and catchy instrumental rhythms that get you hooked. Bowe admits, “I only want people to want to listen. I don’t want to make people listen.”  

When Art Becomes, Uz vs. Them

By Patrick McGrath  The “Uz vs. Them” exhibition of Richard Bell, an artist-activist for Australian Aboriginal rights, is currently on display in the Tufts University Art Gallery. Bell’s multi-media work offers the viewer a glimpse of the current standing and contemporary stereotypes of Australian Aborigines both in Australia and across the world. Ranging from short

Pretty Lights

Wordplay was not lost on the masses at Bank of America Pavilion. “Those were some pretty lights,” the glow stick-riddled college student said to his friend, who was decked in newly acquired neon from Goodwill. However coy the turn of phrase, the light show accompanying DJ/producer/electronic musician Pretty Lights was, in a word, beautiful. Vivid