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Off Campus

Random Trysts & Bucket Lists | Milas and Stella Channel Bogart and Bergman at Saloon

Since the start of the semester, more and more students have been talking about Saloon, a pre-prohibition style bar that opened in December underneath the Foundry in Davis Square.  You would easily miss it if you (a) weren’t paying very close attention or (b) didn’t know exactly where you were going.  Up until recently, Saloon has relied entirely on word-of-mouth advertising, and somehow it seems to be working; Yelp exploded with reviews in its opening week, and only a month later the place is bustling every night.


Wanted: TCU Senators

Around this time last year, hopefuls for Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate were in the heat of their elections. This year, students hoping to gain spots on TCU Senate are considerably less stressed. In what TCU Senate Parliamentarian Dan Pasternack, a senior, called “an unprecedented situation,” 17 candidates stepped up for 21 open seats, allowing each candidate to “walk on” Senate without the usual election. Both senators and members of the TCU Elections Commission (ECOM) have expressed disappointment in the lack of turnout, but both groups have differing opinions of its cause.

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