Poetry & Prose


The Times tells me the Kremlin is closer to Kyiv.


The oligarchs who sailed their boats away from Britain

because Kyiv is in vogue.

They moved their boats from Britain

so their children don’t get teased 

in their secondary schools

when they board.

I see Yellow and Blue on t-shirts

and on the windows, 

never inside.

This winter, blues and yellows are in vogue.

The “seminal global event” of my generation

says my professor

who preaches my culture.

His tenure telling me to listen,

in the West, in his class where I read about

the seminal global events of other generations

from the textbooks about seminal global events.

These books do not decide anymore.

The new prince of the West

makes viral videos in Kyiv.

I only hear the bombs drop in KyivKiev

when the Times beeps on my phone.

Now, the Times beeps on my phone,

it says ‘BREAKING NEWS:’

Will Smith hits Chris Rock at Oscars.

I hear bombs from Instagram

and Twitter

and Facebook

about the Seminal Global Event of my generation,

The “moment the Academy will never forget.”

After all, the Academy must remember for us

because they know we forget easily these days.