Poetry & Prose

The Pearl

By Nick Cutsumpas


Life in the darkness is lonely
But I do not mind
For I am the creator
I make beauty out of sand and sediment
A beauty unbecoming
Of such humble beginnings
Oh how She shines

Sometimes I feel like an artist
But I will never join the likes of Michelangelo
Or Van Gogh
For I am selfish
It is just me and my Masterpiece
And I do not need the recognition
For true art never hangs in a museum

But now they have come for Her
They, the Thieves of Creation,
Pry me open
And steal Her from me
Admiring Her as they toss me back
Without even a farewell

But as I sink to the sand
I am not bitter
Rather I hope they enjoy Her
Marvel at Her, and
Cast Her about the necks of beautiful women
Where She will shine
But what they don’t know
Is that She will never shine as bright on them
As She shines inside of me

Rainy window on a beach
Tormented seas
The Great Wave off Kanagawa?
Picture of a deep seabed?

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