Poetry & Prose

the summer after

we live in the space 


darkened doorways

the thick heat

of this lakeside town

paints sticky kisses across our 

freckled cheeks

longing like the tides

rising and

falling back into

chapped lips

your smile appears

only through thickets 

of cascading hair

casting the past away

hoping it will be swallowed up

by the unending blue

for a year I pressed my hands into soil 

and begged for something

to grow out of our decay

but this lake and this garden 

is not big enough to hold us

hunger wells up in the 

base of my throat

I ache for something

already empty

we gorge on 

heaps of vanilla ice cream

dollop them over 

my stomach 

it makes us feel full 

again and now 

the memories 

loosely stitched 

together like

the pillow I loved

my body once knew every

dip and soft fell

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