Tufts Students’ Reading Week Survival Guide: Way to De-Stress and/or Procrastinate at the End of Spring Semester

One of the main problems with the end of spring classes at Tufts is that there’s a certain something missing: an epic de-stressor. In December, before reading week, there’s always (or was always) NQR, which is a great way for students to get crazy and blow off steam before returning to their hard-working selves. In May, the weather is usually gorgeous, and without that one major get-your-stress-out event, Tufts students have a hard time focusing enough to open their books at all. So, we’ve tried to find little ways, in lieu of one big one, that students relax during the period before and during their final exams.

Number One: EAT.

I mean, this is always kind of an important one, but food can be comforting in times of anxiety or strain, and good food almost always makes people happy. So, going out to eat with friends makes a lot of sense during exam time. There are lots of places in the area that have student discounts, and Johnny D’s and The Danish Pastry House offer great weekend brunches. If you’re kind of broke or just don’t feel like wearing real clothes, you can always make your own meals with food from local farmer’s markets. The Somerville farmer’s market is every Wednesday from 12 to 6 pm, until the fall—it will definitely be popular in the next couple of weeks. If you’re really really on a budget, but still want some fresh food, Strawberry Fest at Dewick and Carmichael is coming up on May 3rd!


With all that eating, it’s also pretty helpful to…BE ACTIVE. A great way that students see to de-stress during the end of the year is to get exercise. Obviously, this can involve going to the gym, and it often does, but there are other options this time of year. For people who are looking, there are tons of on-campus activities in the last few weeks of the semester that encourage Tufts students to get involved. For instance, TSR Fitness offers short fitness workshops like Caliente Cardio and Power Yoga, conveniently taking place on the last day of classes, May 2nd. There’s also yoga available at the Interfaith Center during the reading period, on May 3rd and 5th—for anyone who wants a relaxing break from intense studying. Off campus, students can go running or biking on paths nearby, like the one through Davis and Porter Squares. Or, in a sort of eating-exercising combination, you can always run after the ice cream truck.

Another good way to relax is to DISTRACT YOURSELF (hopefully only for a little while). People cite things like watching TV shows, especially comedies, which can help distract from the stress of studying and give your brain a chance to recuperate. If you want to watch something but feel like getting out of your room, the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square is participating in the Independent Film Festival of Boston until May 2nd, and singer Natasha Bedingfield is coming to the theater on May 8th. The theater is also currently showing mainstream films “Water for Elephants,” “Limitless,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” and “Rango.” There’s also “Scream 4,” if you want to be assured that some students’ lives are definitely more stressful than yours.

Last, but not least, it’s important to SLEEP. Sleep at night, obviously, but also during the day—on the library roof, the president’s lawn, the academic quad…or any other place on campus you find relaxing. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen!




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