Poetry & Prose


Swiftly it climbed
Resisting its rise
Reluctant to be cast
Into a world without control,
Its sedentary soul
Succumbing to its assailant
Wind became the master

Against its will I watched it fight
But it was the prisoner
Let go
Whipped back and forth
Abused and beaten
Let go
Carried out above the surf
A lone figurehead in the sky
Let go
And then it stopped
Frozen in the trance of contemplation
It no longer fought
It embodied the wind
Galvanized by each gust
Willed by each wisp
Eternally engulfed in a dance
No longer did it struggle
Its movements became swift
Wind and umbrella
Umbrella and wind
Waltzing above the water
Courting its invisible companion
Tap dancing its way along the horizon
The sails on the boats were envious
Aspiring to ascend
And join the dance
They cut themselves loose
Liberated from their ropes and pulleys
That had kept them at bay for so long
Joining my umbrella
Above the shackled world below
Entangled in bliss
My umbrella was gone
Caught up in the rapture
Lost in harmony

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