"Unfailing, Unforbidden" | Tufts Observer
Poetry & Prose

“Unfailing, Unforbidden”

Let me serve you/ Let me do things to you/ the way you want me to/ Let me help you feel good/ and leave me to enjoy your joy/ and be satisfied with just that/ Tell me I’m doing a good job/ that I’m a good girl/ even though I am not (a girl)/ but sometimes I can be (good for you)/ Tell me that I deserve to see you like this/ Tell me this feels like a dream/ Tell me this is pleasure beyond compare/ better than eating the best orange of the summer/ Tell me all this and more/ and let it be enough/ to have quiet companionship the rest of the time/ Tell me you need help/ if you want it from me/ It’s okay if you want to do this alone/ me too, sometimes/ Tell me if it hurts/ if you want it to hurt/ me too, sometimes/ I might not want to do that with you/ but I want to be with you/ in whatever way is meaningful for you/ in whatever way you want to keep me around/ I will not beg for a place with you/ but I am quietly pleading in my own way/ hands held out the way old women pray/ ready to take you/ the way that you are/ and whatever you will give me/ If I ask/ If you tell/ If sharing ourselves with each other/ will fill that continual want/ those Gardens of Pleasure/ Might we end up there together?

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