Poetry & Prose


Its rays were drawn out with a childish hand, touching so gently

I almost believed angels were real

Warmth only ever feels so good when skin is burning

Red bumps and orange eyes

It blusters through the windows with no blinds, no curtains

Highlighting that one stain

that makes my brown hair blond


I long for that same sun that surrounds like a halo

Bringing heretics to bloom like the flowers that feed off

Sunlight, never straying too far from

What’s luminous

Gathering around this circle of light, our eyes can see once more

And find pleasure that this feeling is not simply a mirage


The only comfort I find is in the same sun that touches us both

Oddly reassuring, however it’s twisted

doesn’t matter I know I’m not the only one who

feels this same warmth.

An ode to those living, I strive towards the sun’s light

And believe that my one selfish request can be granted

For your sun to never go out


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